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Millennium Windows Inc. offers a complete line of windows, such as:

single-hung window

Single hung window is one of the most popular window style. It consists of two panels arranged vertically. On the single hung window only the bottom sash moves up to allow the flow of the air, top sash is fixed. Single hung window doesn't take up any interior or exterior space while closed or open.

double-hung window

The double-hung window is the most common available window. On a double-hung window, both sashes slide up and down within the frame and they tilt in for ease of cleaning. They are the perfect second story window.

slider window

A slider window features panes that slide side to side within the frame. Slider windows are a good option for windows whose width is larger than their height. They are easy to open and allow for good ventilation and lots of light in the room since they are capable of opening halfway.

Casement window

Casement windows open outward with a crank. Casement windows are a good option if you wish to increase ventilation, as they fully open and can easily catch a breeze. They are a great choice for places where opening requires a reach, above the counters for example.


Bay window

Bay windows project outward from the exterior of the house. They often feature a stationary window in the middle and either a casement or double-hung windows on their sides. All the windows can be stationary (fixed), operating (venting), or any combination of those.

bow window

The bow window, similar to a bay window, consists of four or more equally sized windows, usually casements which create a gradual arching projection. Each window can be either operable or stationary. Bay and bow windows add beautiful aesthetic appeal to a home, and also allow for increased natural light and ventilation. They make a room look much larger than it is while creating the open feeling of a porch or balcony.

Picture window

Picture windows are large stationary windows. Picture windows fill your home with natural light and are a great option for a home surrounded by beautiful view. Picture window can be bordered by venting windows and topped with smaller fixed ones, called transoms.

Garden window

Garden windows project from the side of the home and have glass on the top and sides. Garden windows capture plenty of natural light and often feature a shelf that can maximize space in your home. Garden windows give you the perfect spot to grow your favorite plants in the comfort of your home.


Our company supplies their customers with a wide variety, from elegant wood windows to easy maintenance vinyl replacement windows. We provide an extensive choice of colors, grid patterns, and glass styles to meet clients’ individual needs. All the windows are custom made to fit existing openings in customers’ homes. Millennium windows installation professionals are licensed and insured experts in their craft.

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